Pellissippi Place

The proposed brewery site lies in Blount County, specifically in Alcoa at Pellissippi Place, a developing new-urbanist planned mixed-use village in an organic setting. The name “Pellissippi” is derived from the Cherokee Indian language, which translated means “Winding Waters”. It is with respect for water & the environment that Pellissippi Place can trace its roots.


The Park design guidelines will feature underground utilities, attractive, well-designed and LEED certified buildings and other restrictions and covenants to maintain the visual quality, integrity and investment value of the property. Pellissippi Place is being developed through the collaboration of the cities of Alcoa and Maryville, and Blount and Knox Counties. The Industrial Development Board of Blount County is the legal owner. The Blount County Economic Development Board (an affiliate of the Industrial Development Board of Blount County), will be the developer and serve as the primary point of contact for prospective occupants.

This location is ideally situated halfway between the most visited national park in the country and downtown Knoxville, home to a world-class Roots/ Americana music scene and historic Market Square. With interstate highway 140 at its doorstep, Pellissippi Place offers superb logistics for north/south and east/west travel via I-75, I-40 and I-81. The park is within a one-day drive of 75% of U.S. major markets and 52% of the population. A 10-minute drive to McGhee Tyson Airport (TYS) gives Pellissippi Place investors, customers and products fast access to 19 non-stop destinations and 8 major airlines with more than 120 flights per day.

Pellissippi Place will draw 70% of local sales from a trade area that is generally located within a 15 to 20 minute drive of the site. The trade area is defined by excellent transportation routes along the Technology Corridor including I-40 and S.R.33. In addition to a growing local population, access to and from Great Smoky Mountains National Park via I-140 extension will bring an estimated 10 million visitors through the center of Pellissippi Place. The four-mile extension of I-140 is expected to be completed by 2019. These entertainment-eager visitors will pass in eye-shot of the sites proposed for the brewery.

When completed, the Pellissippi Place will include:

  • 830,000 sq ft of retail, including a major anchor store
  • Cinema
  • Hotels
  • Up to 6 Restaurants
  • Office, educational and research facilities
  • Homes

Water Quality

One-of-a-Kind Brew Water Opportunity

In addition to Pellissippi Place being a prime location for an efficient brewery operation and an outstanding visitor experience, proximity to the Alcoa water treatment facility offers a unique water resource highly prized by artisan brewers. Pure waters captured from the Little River, a Smoky Mountains managed watershed, are filtered at the Alcoa state-of-the-art membrane water treatment facility and made available to the brewer via a dedicated water line. Water delivered via the dedicated water line is drawn BEFORE chlorine and fluoride are added. These highly acclaimed Little River mountain waters are truly a “clean slate” on which the finest beers can be crafted. 

Source Water

The Water Treatment Plant draws water from the Little River at river mile 9.75 (USGS Gage 03498850) at an elevation of 822 feet (normal pool). The Little River is ~52 miles long with the first 18 miles originating in the Great Smoky Mountain National Park. The Little River Watershed (TN 06010201026-1000) is ~380 square miles beginning at an elevation of 6,600 feet and the river empties at an elevation of 812 (summer pool) feet into Fort Loudon Lake (Tennessee River). 

Proposed Site 1

Proposed Site 1

Distribution System

Alcoa’s water distribution is a modern well-maintained system designed for efficiency and reliability. The system is made up of over 245 miles of distribution and transmission mains ranging in size from 1.25-inch to 30-inch diameter.  The systems has the security of nearly two days of storage. This safeguard against interruption is provided by two semi-ground level storage reservoirs (total of 12 million gallons), a standpipe: (150,000 gal. Overlook); two ground level storage tanks, (300,000 gal. Lakemont #1; 1,000,000 gal. Lakemont #2), and 1,500,000 gal. Wildwood elevated tank. The total system storage is 14.95 MG.

Water Treatment Process

The Alcoa treatment plant utilizes GE ZeeWeed 500 ultra-membrane filtration technology that is an immersed hollow-fiber membrane with a 0.04 micron nominal pore size. ZeeWeed filtration technology is aligned with ever more stringent EPA standards for public water systems.

EPA recently released Blueprint for Integrating Technology Innovation into the National Water Program which highlights the EPA Office of Water's plans and goals to address growing water resource issues. By furthering the development of new technologies and promoting new applications of existing technologies, the EPA believes it will be on the road to solving current water resource challenges.  Addressing these challenges are driven in part by EPA’s 2005 Long Term 2 Enhanced Surface Water Treatment Rule, which would require certain systems to provide additional treatment for Cryptosporidium.  The GE ZeeWeed 500 system meets this higher standard.

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